stop doing business from the station I unbearable because of those endless content outside the chain and chain, and the endless variety of tasks to offer, I went straight to the station’s gorgeous transformation, optimization and optimization has been engaged in the industry for two years, through the enterprise station and the platform of the twists and turns the road, then will he describe in words if there is, in my experience, to explore together.

so, in such a context, the author began the difficult turn road, aimed at a large Internet Co, to participate in the platform, at the beginning, a sudden change in the stand that is somewhat be caught off guard, but do not know how to start, if not to the station. You provide the modified permissions, the title of the three label has been optimized for many times, it is difficult to change. The chain, the chain station is not meet on a small link can be, but a lot of people with no more URL. With the picture is completely different, but spent the early throes, eventually find themselves. Thinking also had certain promotion. Do the station, the first thing to do is to find out the station’s ideas, site structure, keyword structure and so on, have an overall impression in the heart. Then.

but in June last year the Shanghai love big update after the storm, a large number of stand down, a lot of practice before the seemingly impossible, so people will find a variety of ways, then we love Shanghai in order to find the regularity of a large number of experiments, for example, which can also be used, which can not use, can be used with the content is still the chain for the emperor, but can only be reduced to barely have a little servant to rule love Shanghai, but the magnitude of the line on the website has been compared with the previous, and the internal code change can be quite different, and gradually become a mainstream trend, three labels describe changes in the way, and mining long term, the distribution of keywords within the page, attention, code simplification and page title keywords change has become an important way to do both stations. So do is love Shanghai’s ranking, all ideas are to follow the pace of love in Shanghai. But 80/8 of the time spent on how to do the original content and the chain, let people feel the life is indeed in the cost.

, my first contact is the optimization of the enterprise stand outside the chain, from the publisher to start, as well as the standardized soft paper to write, that time is not what the original text directly, make a brief introduction of the enterprise, and the contact address even if a soft, the chain is not so troublesome, directly to the on the way back. Even if the contact problem, although very simple optimization methods, but because of the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon attitude is ready to accept either course these practices, the effect is obvious, the website launch rate can reach eighty percent, and the realization of the batch station, if some station competition is relatively large, we have click on the device and other artifacts, flow assistant as well as dozens or even hundreds of links such as God to rapidly improve the rankings, although the black hat, but the effect is still very Obviously, but in a short time will not drop.

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