Month: March 2021

Jam Cruise 12 Announces Daily Artist Schedule

first_imgLess than two months away, and Jam Cruise 12 will embark on a fantastic voyage (without Coolio) to Jamaica and the Bahamas on a new, bigger vessel, the MSC Divina, from January 4th-9th. Jam Cruisers will set sail out of Miami, FL, spend 5 days and 5 nights partying with like-minded fans and musicians, bear witness to some of the best sets of music they will see all year from some of their favorite artists, and….did we mention the collaborations that are sure to take place? For any Jam Cruise veteran, you know what you are in store for. For any rookies, get ready to have the time of your life.As we draw closer to January 4th, the daily artist schedule has been revealed, making for an excruciating wait. With two sets from pretty much every band aboard the MSC Divina, things will definitely get interesting. And there will be conflicts, but conflicts that we will certainly be able to live with. Want to see Thievery Corporation on the Pool Deck from 11:15-12:45? But, wait, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe is playing a Ray Charles Tribute in the Pantheon Theater from 11:30-1:30! That’s alright, Thievery plays again on Jan. 7th in the Pantheon Theater….during Bootsy Collins on the Pool Deck and Mike Dillon in the Black & White Lounge?!?!  Well, that’s alright, we can catch Bootsy on the 5th in the Pantheon….but wait, that’s during The Revivalists set, AND Les Claypool?!?!Yes, we understand the emotional toll this may take on you. Bring plenty of TUMS for that indigestion you just gave yourself. Though, there are some that would call these “Gold Plate Problems” to your average Jam Cruiser, these are epic life choices.Well, if you are looking to make your head spin with all the “tough” choices you will be faced with on Jam Cruise, take a look at the full schedule here. Warning, take a few deep breaths before you view the schedule, and have a bottle of aspirin ready, because your head may hurt from your eyes popping out of their sockets.Or, you can just go with the flow, and let Jam Cruise come to you. Because, if there is one thing we can assure you, it most definitely will come to you. And you will love every minute of it all.last_img read more

Rising Producer Shaun Frank Releases New Mixes of Radio Hits

first_imgThe electronic music scene has a new emerging artist on the rise: Shaun Frank. The artist has been releasing big club covers of some of the radio’s top hits, including “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood and “Love Me Again” by John Newman.Different from a typical remix, Shaun Frank produces an instrumental, and then covers the vocal of the track overtop himself, hence the name “club cover”. The first mix of the indie-rock single “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood was just released last month and already has over half a million views on Soundcloud and YouTube. The bangin’ track is also quickly approaching the top of The Hype Machine charts.After gaining great success with his first release, Shaun Frank did his own version of the catchy pop song by John Newman “Love Me Again”, bound for the same success as his first release.Shaun Frank plans on releasing another original mix in April, which was just recently signed to Dim Mak, with a HARD promo campaign set to take place during Winter Music Conference in Miami at the end of the month. This year is bound to be a breakthrough year for this talented artist, with plans to collaborate with 3LAU, Tom Swoon, Heather Bright and more!Take a listen to some of the work that this star on the rise has produced at, and look for more to come from Shaun Frank in the coming months as we head into summer festival season!– Amanda Cowanlast_img read more

Ever Wonder What Music NASA Would Play for Aliens? Listen To The Golden Record

first_imgThe initial greeting from the Secretary General of the United Nations: The Sounds of Earth: Have you ever heard of Voyager 1, the NASA spacecraft sent into space to explore the outer reaches of our solar system and to explore neighboring solar systems? What does this have to do with live music you ask? We are getting to that.Whether or not you’ve heard of Voyager 1, what scientists decided to do – in the event that the spacecraft did ever encounter any other spacefaring beings – was to put a literal record on the ship, to assist as a sort of communication between humans and our extra-terrestrial friends (hopefully not foes, we don’t need any Independence Day type situation occurring). Dubbed the Golden Record, the transmission begins with an introduction from the Secretary General of the United Nations, and then goes into an eclectic 90-minute playlist, including both Eastern and Western classics and a variety of ethnic music. Three modern Western rock/blues songs were also included – ”Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry, “Melancholy Blues” by Louis Armstrong, and “Dark Was the Night” by Blind Willie Johnson.Astrophysisist/cosmologist Carl Sagan was part of the team that put together the contents of the record, which included “115 images and a variety of natural sounds, such as those made by surf, wind and thunder, birds, whales, and other animals.” Sagan went on to write:“There is an argument—perhaps it is only a hope—that we might be able to communicate with representatives of such exotic civilizations,” wrote Carl Sagan in “Murmurs of Earth,” a book about Voyager 1 and its Golden Record, “because they, like we, must come to grips with the same laws of physics and chemistry and astronomy.” Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F made the playlist: The Full Recording of the Golden Record:[via and Death & Taxes]last_img read more

Lockn’ Adds Beloved Jam-Rock Band To Lineup

first_imgWe’re not sure if you’ve heard of them, but this jam-influenced rock band from Chicago called Umphrey’s McGee was just added to the 2015 Lockn’ Festival lineup. They recently released this album called Similar Skin, and have been touring all across the country on an extensive winter tour.If you’d like to hear more about this Umphrey’s McGee band, please hop over to our constantly-updated Tour Log, which includes photos, setlists, and playful banter from the members of the band. Meanwhile, the Lockn’ lineup continues to grow more impressive with each passing day… check out the full listing below:Phil Lesh & Friends, Keller Williams’ Grateful Gospel, Hot Tuna Acoustic, Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters, Tedeschi Trucks Band, The Doobie Brothers, The Doobie Incident, The String Cheese Incident, Widespread Panic, Slightly Stoopid, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Umphrey’s McGeelast_img read more

KRAW?! Crawfest Afterparty W/ NOLA All-Stars To Partner With ‘Active Minds’ Nonprofit

first_imgL4LM is proud to announce a partnership with Active Minds, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to promoting mental health awareness. Proceeds from all VIP tickets for KRAW?! The Crawfest Afterparty, ft. members of Lettuce, Dumpstaphunk, Gramatik, Big Sam’s Funky Nation and more, will go towards the Active Minds Tulane chapter. The university has endured a particularly high amount of mental illness-related student deaths this year. Active Minds has stepped up to empower young leaders on campus to work together to promote awareness and identify symptoms of mental illness, and to direct students to available resources on campus and in the community.In partnership with Active Minds, Inc., KRAW?! will donate VIP ticket proceeds to Active Minds Tulane chapter. Active Minds Tulane aspires to educate about mental illness, connect students to campus resources, and change the negative perceptions of mental illness.Come support a timely cause, have an incredible night, and be a VIP at KRAW?!VIP options:✦ VIP 1: $20, includes 1 free beer or well drink, donation to Active Minds Tulane. ✦ VIP 2: $25, includes 2 free beers or well drinks, donation to Active Minds Tulane✦ VIP ELITE Package (only 3 available!): $300 for 10 persons (max), includes bottle service, prime elevated private seating area, and free food from Bratz Y’all (10 menu items per package)Get them hereShow lineup: Nigel Hall (Lettuce/Nth Power), Eric Benny Bloom (Lettuce/Pretty Lights Live Band), Andrew Block (Gramatik), Big Sam (Big Sam’s Funky Nation), Eric Vogel (Big Sam’s Funky Nation), Alvin Ford Jr. (Dumpstaphunk), Ian Neville (Dumpstaphunk), Khris Royal (Rebelution, Dark Matter), and Anjelika “Jelly” Joseph (American Idol)Opener: CakeWalk // More Infolast_img read more

Red Rocks Comes Under Fire For Recent Foul Odor Complaints

first_imgRed Rocks Amphitheatre, easily one of the most beautiful, inspiring and pristine venues in the country recently came under fire when The Rooster pointed out that the venue has fallen victim to a terrible stench. According to the article, “People, it appears, have been pooping, peeing, vomiting, bleeding and spilling nacho cheese all over the stairs at Red Rocks for months, which has lead to a now infamously noxious odor that plagues the very being of patrons.” This seemingly has never been an issue with the venue, perhaps due to its typically dry climate. Recent weather patterns have seen torrential downpours and plenty of moisture in the air, which has essentially acted as an incubator for the odor. Lettuce and The Motet Play To A Sold Out Crowd At Red Rocks Despite Hail StormThe former music critic for the Denver Post wrote an open letter to the venue via Hey Reverb in which he gives a detailed account of a recent trip to Red Rocks. Though he’s a seasoned veteran, having attended the legendary venue countless times over the course of the last 30 years, he was caught by utter surprise at the recently acquired foul stench.“Some climbed faster to escape the smell,” he recounts. “Some cried, ‘Ewww’ as they sprinted past the worst sections. Others held hands and shirt collars over their nose as they huffed up the stairs. Me? I inhaled a couple deep breaths of the oddly rank mountain air – finding shades of vomit among flirtations of human urine and hints of fecal matter (is that week-old stomach acid?) in addition to an impressive, Argonaut-scale spectrum of stale beer aromas – and wondered where things had gone so wrong this summer.”“Your laziness has corrupted and made disgusting one of the state’s most treasured experiences,” he concludes.A Denver Post article caught venue officials by surprise when they followed up on the matter. “This is actually the very first time that we have heard about this,” venue spokesperson Jordan Bishop said. “Of course, we’ll be dedicating staff to investigate.” Bishop went on to say that the cleaning that Red Rocks receives after events is “meticulous”, with pressure washing methods even being used as needed.These Magical Photos of A Snowy Disco Biscuits Show at Red Rocks WinThere are very rarely, if any, bad things to say about Red Rocks. This does sound like an issue, which many events and festivals face all the time, of people simply not taking responsibility for themselves. Basically, if you need to go to the bathroom, just use the bathroom. Wait in line for the no more than five minutes it takes, and USE the bathroom. And throw your garbage out. Yes, there are cleaning crews that get paid to clean up, but don’t be a slob and just throw your half-eaten food on the floor. It’s disgusting. Take any venues and festival suffering from the same issues at large events. Basically, just go use the bathroom and throw out your own trash instead of just leaving it there. Take personal responsibility for your actions so everyone can keep on enjoying these beautiful venues.-Words by Chris Meyer, Photo by Jake Plimacklast_img read more

10th Annual Gem & Jam Festival Reveals Top-Notch Lineup

first_imgThe Gem & Jam Festival, held each year during Tucson’s well known Gem and Mineral show, has revealed its dates and artist lineup. Taking place over Valentine’s Day Weekend (February 12-14), the Gem & Jam Festival will feature 50 musicians across 3 different stages and a plethora of gem and mineral exhibits, transcendent visuals by featured artist Johnathan Singer (Grateful Dead’s “Fare Thee Well” and Tipper), dancers, performers, daytime workshops, late night after parties and much more.At the top of the festival bill you’ll find Beats Antique, Lettuce, The Polish Ambassador, Tycho DJ set, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Minnesota, OTT (UK) and Lyrics Born (Live). Additionally, a special curated stage by festival favorites will soon be announced, adding to an already dynamic, desert oasis festival atmosphere.You can check out the complete festival lineup below. Tickets are on sale now and can be found here through the festival’s website.The 2016 Gem & Jam Musical Lineup:Beats AntiqueLettuceThe Polish AmbassadorTycho DJ setNahko and Medicine for the PeopleMinnesotaOTT (UK)Lyrics Born (Live)Break Science (Pretty Lights Music) with The Shady HornsMark Farina (Mushroom Jazz)Eliot Lipp (Pretty Lights Music)Desert DwellersDirtwireGovindaDelhi 2 DublinExmagKrooked DriversMarvel YearsThe Magic BeansSpaffordDynohunterSmokovichBrothers GowBLVDSouleyeCrush EffectModern MeasureArtimeThe Flying SkullsMajitope8 Minutes to BurnRebel Disco DJsSafi’s LabMacrodotEndoplasmicThe BennuElectric FeelPedroJahmonteeAdem JoelHey, BuckoMilk & ScottTop Dead CenterElektra TekCadillac MountainJyshua PcalypsKeli and The Big DreamM-Qlast_img read more

Watch Widespread Panic Cover Bob Dylan’s ‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall’ On New Year’s Eve

first_imgAfter releasing footage of David Bowie’s “Heroes” and Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” from New Year’s Eve in Atlanta, GA at the Fox Theatre, Widespread Panic has released another wonderfully delicious jam from their NYE run, this time their debut cover of Bob Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” with accompaniment from the Megablasters horn section. This one’s got some swagger to it, too.Take a watch and listen to below:last_img

Kennedy School’s Greer aims for real change in city schools

first_imgWhen a friend asked Jacqueline Greer to become a volunteer mentor for city middle school kids, she agreed only reluctantly. After working with the kids a short time, however, their education became her passion.Greer, who graduates today from the John F. Kennedy School of Government with a master’s degree in public policy, was impressed with the drive and determination of the kids she mentored, who worked after school three days a week until 8 p.m. on math, science, and literature, bolstering their skills so they could get into better high schools. But she was also angered, she said, that the city schools were so poor that the kids needed the extra work.“I thought, ‘Why do these students have to do that?’ I never had to do that. I lived in a suburb of Atlanta,” Greer said. “This isn’t what justice and equity look like. This is a failure. This is a systemic failure. This is a policy failure. This is a school failure.”Greer began working with the Washington, D.C., schools, becoming a teacher recruiter, but that wasn’t enough, she said.“You can’t implement change unless you’re at the policy level,” Greer said. “I can talk about one teacher recruitment program at one school, but at the policy level, we can talk about what works, what doesn’t, and doing it at a bigger level. I want to go from having one good teacher in one classroom to good teachers in every classroom.”Greer said she chose the Kennedy School after being impressed when meeting several alumni.“This is just the perfect place to go to school. You come and meet other people who want to change the world. You meet a few people who have done it,” Greer said.During her time at Harvard, Greer said she learned a lot, from statistics to management to how to motivate people. She put those skills to work in organizing April’s Black Policy and Alumni Conference, “Speaking Truth to Power.”Also this year, Greer took her educational activism overseas, raising funds to provide high school scholarships for two Kenyan schoolgirls.Greer visited Kenya over the winter break, spending two weeks traveling around the African nation, meeting the scholarship recipients, touring their school, and seeing firsthand Nairobi’s Kibera slum.Greer said the trip gave her an education about relative wealth, one that she feels would benefit U.S. children as well. Even city kids who may feel underprivileged in the United States are worried about their iPods and cell phones, she said, while $650 provides a year’s education in Kenya.After graduation, Greer hopes to work at a foundation on educational policy. She’s also leaving open a return to Africa to continue working there on social entrepreneurship.“I’d love to work … on how we drive the next level of educational change,” Greer said.last_img read more