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General InformationWithin the framework of Hellenic Development Cooperation and Assistance, Hellenic Aid grants for the academic year 2010—2011, 100 scholarships for studies in Greece to nationals of countriesincluded in the list of the Development Assistance Committee of OECD – Table of eligible countries for the academic year 2010-2011.Scholarships are granted for undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Greek Higher Academic and Technological institutions.Scholarships are not provided for a) undergraduate studies in Theology (scholarships in this sector are granted by the Directorate for Religious and Ecclesiastic Affairs of the MFA) and Fine Arts. (b)postgraduate studies in Medicine. Medical specialties are under the authority of the Ministry of Health.This Call of Interest is forwarded to the Greek diplomatic and consular authorities in eligible countries.All interested students should submit a complete candidature file (scholarship application accompanied by the necessary supporting documents) to the above-mentioned Greek authorities intheir country of origin. The latter shall forward the whole number of files to Hellenic Aid.The deadline for submitting applications to the Greek authorities abroad is July 30, 2010.Hellenic Aid evaluates all submitted applications, selects the scholars and announces the results to successful applicants via the Greek authorities in the recipient countries, around September.2. Terms and Duration of scholarshipThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs ensures the reservation of places at the Universities forundergraduate studies, as well as at the Greek Language Schools. Hellenic Aid- 4th Directorate 2The undergraduate course enrollment takes place the academic year that follows the GreekLanguage Course (scholars excluded are those that already possess the Certificate of GreekLanguage Proficiency). Scholars are entitled to enroll, during September-October, only at theDepartment they are selected for. They are not entitled to be transferred to another department ata later stage.For the University registration to take place, candidates should possess a certificate denoting theircommand of the Greek language (see above). If the candidate does not hold this certificate, he/she isobliged to attend the annual Greek Language course, during the first year of his/hers scholarship’sprogramme.The said certificate is not necessary in the two cases stated below: a) Expatriate scholars are obligedto enroll directly in the department for which they have been selected, independently of thepossession of the Greek Language Proficiency Certificate. In case of insufficient knowledge of theGreek language, Hellenic Aid may permit the scholar to attend a language course, in parallel tohis/her studies. b) When the postgraduate course is held in English.This certificate is issued following relevant examinations either in Athens, by the Modern GreekLanguage Teaching Center of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, or inThessaloniki, by the Modern Greek Language Center of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.Selected scholars are requested to contact the competent Hellenic Aid Department, in Athens, orthe Ministry’s Service in Thessaloniki, early October the latest, in order to become registered asGreek Government’s Scholar, sign the Scholarship Award Contract and get a Certificate ofScholarship for the issuance of their residence permit (based on art. 34 of Law 3386/2005).Scholarship holders are supposed to provide for their accommodation as well as for their initialexpenses upon their arrival, until they receive the first payment which will include a relocationallowance.The scholarship for undergraduate studies:• covers a preparatory year of learning the Greek language (if necessary) in the above-mentionedcenters• is granted for the duration of studies (number of academic years) provided for in the syllabusof the University, with a possibility of a 1-year extension, upon examination of the application ofthe scholar, due to special reasons• is annually renewed under the condition that the scholar submits an official record of progressshowing that he/she has successfully passed the examinations in:– at least 70% of the total number of courses of each of the first two academic years of thesyllabus.– at least 80% of the total number of courses of each of the following academic years of thesyllabus.The scholarship recipients must be prepared and decided to attend regularly their studies and topresent satisfactory progress, continuity and stability in their performance according to theregulations of scholarship renewal. The scholarship can be withdrawn at any time for nonsatisfactoryacademic progress, or for illegal or improper behavior of the scholarship recipient.At the end of their studies, scholars have to submit to Hellenic Aid, a ratified copy of their academic title.The terms and the conditions of scholarship are reported at length in the relative agreement that is concluded between the scholar and Hellenic Aid.For the renewal of scholarship, scholars should submit to Hellenic Aid, according to their year of studies :i) The Certificate of Language, as a necessary condition for the registration in the University (withthe exception of the English-language postgraduate programmes) orii) A Certificate of University Registration after the registration takes place oriii) An official copy of the record of progress, every year, starting from the end of the secondsemester of studies and after that at the end of every academic year (The only exception is in case of“warning”, in which the submission of the record of progress is obligatory for three terms in a row.)The above-mentioned documents are necessary for the renewal of the scholarship; otherwiseHellenic Aid has the right to end the scholarship.3. Scholarship benefitsScholars are entitled to1. A 600-euros monthly scholarship allowance2. A 1.000-euros relocation fee, on condition that the scholars were foreign residents at the time oftheir candidature and a monthly allowance of 650 euros for the first three months3. Free-of-charge meals in the University and provision of the educational material (books etc.) ona free of charge basis.4. Exemption from tuition fees in the above-mentioned Greek Language Centers.5. Exemption from tuition fees in some postgraduate programmes6. Free medical care in state hospitals.7. An amount of 1.000 euros, on condition of successful and in time, completion of studies, uponthe scholars’ returning to their country of origin.The scholarship does not cover accommodation expenses. These expenses are covered by scholarsthemselves.The first payment of the scholarship allowance takes place approximately one month after thescholarships’ arrival in Greece. The scholars should therefore be able to cope with their initialexpenses.4. Eligibility ConditionsInterested applicants should :1. Be foreign nationals of the countries included in the present call of interest2. Be not younger than 18 years old before 1.10.2010, since minors of age cannot be granted aresidence permit.3. Hold a lyceum graduation certificate or an equivalent certificate of a secondary educationinstitution and have the right to enroll to higher academic or technological institutions in thecountry of issuance of the certificateHellenic Aid- 4th Directorate 44. With regard to postgraduate/doctoral studies, applicants should have been accepted in therelative programme of a Greek University before they apply for the scholarshipScholarships are not granted– to Greek civil servants or persons related to civil servants of Greece.– to persons having the Greek nationality or are in the process of getting the Greek nationality5. Supporting documentsEligible candidates should submit until the deadline date and via the Greek Diplomatic Authoritiesin their country of residence, a complete file of candidature. The application (relative form isavailable at the Greek diplomatic authorities) should be completed and signed by the candidates.The latter must indicate up to three departments of the same field, which they wish to attend or thepostgraduate programme and the University in which they are accepted.Applications should be accompanied by the required documents:For undergraduate studies:1. Application with three choices of departments.2. Curriculum Vitae including a photo of the candidate.3. Cover Letter of the candidates, summarizing their studies-knowledge and the reasons of interestfor the particular choices of departments.4. Certificate of graduation from lyceum or equivalent secondary education institution.5. Certificate issued by the competent authority of the candidate’s country of origin, stating thathis/her title of studies enables him/her to enroll to a higher educational institution of thatcountry (form 1).6. Certificate issued by the competent foreign authority stating the nationality and country oforigin of the candidate along with that of his/her parents (form 2).7. Certificate issued by the relevant Greek diplomatic authorities of the candidate’s country, statingthat the candidate has resided abroad for, at least, the last five (5) years before the academic yearin which the selection process takes place.8. Certified copy of the candidate’s passport.9. Health Certificate.Applications are submitted only in Greek diplomatic and consular offices abroad. Applicationscould also be submitted in Greece, in the scholarships office of Hellenic Aid, only by candidates whoare already graduate scholars of Hellenic Aid and wish to continue for postgraduate studies or fordoctoral thesis. Furthermore, the latter must have completed their studies without delay.All supporting foreign documents have to bear the apostille or be certified by a Greek diplomaticauthority abroad (depending on the country) and be translated into Greek by a Greek diplomaticauthority abroad or by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Only complete files of candidature will be evaluated. Incomplete, inaccurate, insufficient orillegible applications will be rejected.Hellenic Aid Scholarship Programme for the academic year 2010-2011.Application form for undergraduate studies.This Call of Interest is forwarded to the Greek diplomatic and consular authorities in eligible countries.Official web site Leave a Reply Cancel ReplyYou must be logged in to post a comment. Candriam Scholarship at Maastricht University Scholarship for Undergraduate Studies in Greece Azerbaijan Government Scholarship Programme 2021 Reddit Bill Gates Foundation Award for NGOs →last_img read more