first_imgThe advent of the internet & rapid technological advancements has ensured a plethora of applications for users worldwide to expand their horizon across fields – Science & Technology, Finances, Economics, Politics, Social Awareness, Sports, Entertainment, etc.Social networking started with Orkut, moved on to Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter but the hidden desire to shout out their lungs like a Rockstar remained inside the hearts of millions of common people across the globe; Introduction of apps like Smule & Starmaker has gradually become a new rage in social karaoke networking with millions of users now socialising over karaoke singing breaking the age-old barrier with ease…Unbelievable features such as – HD karaoke tracks across genre, language & decades, solo/duet mode, party rooms for socializing while singing, Live broadcast, jamming with friends, interactive games & contests, the apps keep the users on their toes & excitements holds no bar! So much so, that many big shots in Hollywood & our own Bollywood have partnered with the apps & are actively participating in even releasing some of their new songs online for the app users.The singing apps have been a huge hit in a country like ours as it basically exploits the void every individual feels in his/her life – Stardom; & this is evident with the ever-growing number of users & swelling revenues of the parent companies. In fact, Smule has partnered with Radio Mirchi for various initiatives & has even provided users to perform at Mirchi Music Award Shows; while Starmaker is providing an opportunity to its users to make debut covers under prominent labels…While reading thus far, it feels that the apps have absolutely no lacunae or drawbacks, however, like every day has a night, these social karaoke apps come with huge words of caution & disclaimers.a.       The stardom (fictional) brings in the addiction that compels the users to get glued on to the app (believe it or not, it may affect your daily choirs)b.       Since the Revenue model of these apps essentially depends on your data usage & off-late purchased gifting (recharge base), lots of people have fallen into the trap of expending exorbitantly disturbing their household finances (still unbelievable but true)c.       In some cases, socializing virtually has also led to discord in users’ real lives.d.       Since social media has no restriction for anti-social & miscreants, users (especially the females) are subject to frauds & cheatings.“Disclaimer: Smoking Cigarette is injurious to health.” This is written on every single pack sold, yet every day millions of them are sold; so imperatively it’s up to us to decide for ourselves how much of everything is good for us & act accordingly. The same goes for the online karaoke apps whereby the individual users have to draw the “Lakshman Rekha” and ensures it’s not breached!So, till I come with another Offbeat, keep Singing!!!last_img read more